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I will aim to share articles and thoughts on a range of subjects however most will be from:

  • startups (I have founded a couple of startups, my current startup is a JV in Thailand that is growing and producing Sacha Inchi products, more on that later),

  • products (web based products and businesses that I use or have tried or investigated, things that you might find useful),

  • science (I am not a scientist but I do find it interesting),

  • ideas (these can come from anywhere and a warning, not all my ideas are good),

  • reading or listening (books, podcasts etc.) and

  • travels (off the beaten path travels, just occasionally to mix things up)

If you have a startup, particularly an Australian startup, please drop me a line. I would love to feature new and emerging startups. Who knows one of my readers may be just the customer that you are looking for. I am not doing any paid endorsements or reviews.

I hope that you find this interesting and encourage your friends to subscribe. I am looking forward to hearing your views as well. If you have time, drop in and visit me at craigcarlyon.com

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